Dazzle and Delight Me: Video

There seems to be a bit of growth and movement towards the use of video online. It's evident that bandwidth is not the problem, but brands haven't fully embraced video quite yet. I think the reasons for this are many. First and foremost is the cost/effort to do this effectively online when most pharma/med device organizations are still struggling with creating an interactive Web site and struggling with the 10 years in the making "overnight" growth of the Internet as a place to target consumers.

The prevailing thought is that great content, storytelling and non-overt messaging is the path to
engagement. A good post over MediaPost discusses this here and an article from Ad Age again that discusses information videos as subtle brand builders.

A couple of the site detailed include Howcast and Howdini. It's not unreasonable to expect that system of sites and cross-pollination of this content for people to access. The trick is how do you get your message across in a non-intrusive way? This image comes to mind in describing what it will all look like. This is true for blogs today and even more so for the coming crush of branded video content. {check out Web sites as graphs}

For Pharma/med device companies, one way is creating the non-branded content and "sponsoring" it to direct product placement. Co-promotion will likely become big as people partner with third-party organizations such Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic for content and credibility.

It will be interesting to track over time as I firmly believe that video will continue to grow--significantly at the expense of other media. I saw this as I watch HGTV, write a blog post and set-up a brand channel on YouTube....

I see brand Web sites becoming something like Rachael Ray's Web site, which whatever you think of her, it is immersive and pretty darn engaging. Now, she just needs a widget to extend the content...

How to grill a perfect sirloin steak

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