Brand Web Sites

ComScore recently released the results of a study indicating that brand Web sites ate the most effective online marketing tactic for pharma marketers.

The study evaluated the impact of banner ads, search marketing, and visits to a brand Web site on a brand’s awareness, favorability and sales results among both patients and prospects. The study found that getting a patient to visit a branded Web site is the most effective form of online pharmaceutical marketing, with an incremental patient adherence rate nearly 20 percentage points higher than among those who did not visit the Web site and an incremental new start rate for prospects nearly 5 percentage points higher than the control. Meanwhile, exposure to, and interaction with, online ads also improved adherence rates among existing patients. Patient’s exposed to an ad showed a 4.0-point lift in adherence and patients who interacted with an ad exhibited a 9.5-point lift.
Excuse me if I am a bit cynical, which by my definition is an optimist who has been disappointed more than once, but is this news that revolutionary?

“This is why it is essential for marketers to develop fully-integrated campaigns that not only raise awareness and educate consumers but that also drive visitation to a site.”

Umm, no kidding. The trick is to get them to to your site and engage with them. I'd say that strategic goal has been around since day one of the consumer Internet. The whole attract, acquire and retain model is not a new one. I guess this puts some metrics around it, but it reads like old news since fragmentation of the audience is making it harder and harder to get people to your site. That's why I discuss widgets and content distribution because YOU have to be where THEY are at and it's typically not at a pharma/med device Web site unless they are already a customer or are in a info seeking moment. But that moment is probably shared with May Clinic, WebMD, RevolutionHealth, etc. The trick is to engage them.
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