The Art of Storytelling

I previously posted on the power AND art of storytelling and how the Web is medium that will enable fantastic powerful and compelling stories to be told. From a marketing perspective, the Internet has untold potential to reach and tell stories in an interactive medium.

One challenge is always how to get someone to come to your AND come back again. You have to create compelling content and provide some value to them to in cent them to come back. Well research indicates that people generally have no problem giving you their personal information (at least an email) but you do you have to provide them something compelling. Well, we're not too far off from the short story for disease states.

For example, take diabetes. It is a complex disease and it begs for multi-layers of information., much of it very nuanced. In the past, you'd create some content for the type I and have some advanced information for the type II. That could include diet, excise, testing, etc. Basically, everything someone would need to know about how to take care of themselves.

I think we're quickly moving into an arena where this information becomes a story. You would employ all of the components of a engaging story, but it's told in a very personal way with a story arc. It needs to be short, quick hitting and above all developed in a realistic compelling way.

Like a serial comic from the 1940s it would unfold over time--from initial diagnosis, the emotions, fears and reality of being diagnosed with diabetes to meeting with a diabetes nurse educator and learning how to use a bG meter. To facing the difficult prospect of behavior change, handling holidays and special moments in life all usually surrounded by food and new found fears all of it could be captured in emotional, impactful 2-3 minute video segments. Perhaps one per week along with accompanying interactive information to support compliance, testing, good health and released over time and integrated with a multi-channel marketing program it can create buzz, be viral, leverage multiple channels and platforms (i.e. brand web site, video, flash, social media, offline, email, etc). Ran together it weaves an interactive, compelling story together.

That's the new face of marketing. It is simply the best way to create a relationship over time with some one that will keep them engaged.
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  1. Jon Sigurdsson said...

    I agree with this, trying to just sell things isn't going to work, building a connection would work better

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