Apps Are The Microsites of Social Media

A Social Media ad network. Interesting premise. I agree that apps are the micro sites of social media, but I am slightly skeptical about the ability to monetize that traffic in a real way that benefits the advertiser.

The whole premise is that social media is user controlled and this has lead to fragmentation, it's hard to control the message, etc. So with the baseline of understanding will a brand come in and be effective on Facebook or MySpace? Perhaps an unbranded approach may work if done well.

For health care organizations, this level of advertising is barely on the radar. So my question is, are a traditional agencies/media buying firms making these types of recommendations to their clients? Are they even aware at an in-depth level enough to make credible recommendation about other ways to reach customer targets? Are the company marketing managers willing to take a chance to try to push this type of segmentation and micro-segmentation targeting through social media networks?

My guess is no, no, and no. So, until someone daring takes a chance (like Pfizer with Sermo) I don't see this taking off from a pharma/med device perspective. I do however hope that there is someone out there in a company that is being daring, creative and pushing for change...
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