One Fell Swoop

No kidding. Damn if Seth Godin didn't just hit the nail on the head again with his post One Fell Swoop.

We expect that a big marketing campaign can fix our market share problems in one fell swoop.
Or that a consultant can reorganize our operation and get it working again in one fell swoop.
Or that a new product launch is only a swoop away from setting things right.
Of course, that's not what happens.
How many times have you labored on a marketing program or product launch thinking that it--whatever it is--is going to save the world. Unless you've worked on the iPhone or some other sexy consumer product it has likely resulted in a slow build and some results with murky measurement before you're on to the next thing.

Why does this happen? I would hypothesize that Sr. leaders don't feel like their leading unless their changing something. However, I think leading is like steering a car, it's a series of constant small corrections versus the leaders who think they have to make a big loping turn once a year.
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