Google + Analytics + TV + WOW

Per Clickz, Google through its analytics is going to help advertisers measure the impact of TV.

While it remains to be seen, but since Google is attached to it, I am going to guess that it will happen. For big pharma and medical device organizations, this could be a huge leap forward in being able to quantify TOTAL marketing effectiveness. With such an emphasis on an integrated approach the piece missing was a real tie between TV and Web. You could make a few educated guesses through unique URLs, etc. but that presumes that all TV viewers use the unique and not the main site. So you never get a 100% accurate picture.

The new system generates automatic reports that tell marketers when their TV ads ran, the number of impressions delivered, the cost they paid and the CPM. Those reports are integrated with other metrics already covered by Google Analytics, such as Web Site traffic, which allows marketers to see if their TV ads are impacting activity on their sites.

What I'd like to know is how many companies are using Google Analytics? Many organizations use big analytics packages from WebTrends or Omniture and not Google Analytics. I have been a user of Google Analytics for over 3 years and find it to be a very powerful and free tool and it definitely will be interesting to see how Google promotes this and leverages it through their health care vertical.

I haven't gotten a call yet from my Account Manager....

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