Customer Experience

I have been doing a lot of research and work around engagement and customer experience. Having recently immersed myself in a a competitive benchmark effort with the help of Forrester Research and subsequently a major related project to completely overhaul a portfolio of brand Web sites starting with the information architecture to the brand look/feel while incorporating elements of social media, I am still wondering about the customer experience part.

Wikipedia defines Customer Experience as:

Customer-centric service providers take care of customer needs at every touchpoint in the customer lifecycle (ordering, fulfillment, billing, support, etc.) and employ all channels (contact center, Internet, self service, mobile devices, brick and mortar stores) and means of communication (phone, chat, email, Web, in-person). They develop experience-based differentiation, which shifts the focus from product features to customer wants and needs. These experience-based providers integrate both internal and external innovations to create end-to-end customer experiences. They evaluate their business models as well as business support systems and operational support systems (BSS/OSS) from the customer’s point of view to achieve the level of customer-centricity necessary to improve customer loyalty, churn and revenue (Lopez, 2007). [8]

To me, CE is the combination of an engaging Web site, integrated multi-channel marketing programs (email, offline, online) a database and ongoing analytics to measure results. Doing all of these tactics in combination and done correctly (very difficult) is the holy grail of DTC and increasingly DTP marketing. If done properly it can provide a cohesive, integrated portrait to your customers and can ultimately create satisfied, loyal customers.

What can you do with it?

  • It's trust building
  • It's loyalty building
  • It's a competitive differentiator
  • It's the difference between memorable and forgettable

If you think about it, you are probably more taken by surprise when you get great service and likely to tell 5 friends about then dwell on bad service. Bad service happens all of the time. For health care markets, achieving this can result in very effective marketing towards high-value consumers. Which in the end leads to a great customer experience and engagement. And as I have pointed out in the past, it's all about engagement....

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