Boomers and Health Care

The first annual Senior Health Index by the American System for Advancing Senior Health (ASASH) conducted by Zogby recently released results of a nationwide poll. Among the highlights is the fact that Seniors feel that there are not getting enough specialized care. I'll leave the quality of Medicare discussion to others far better versed than I, but the other interesting piece of information to emerge is where the 55+ crowd is turning to get information.

It shouldn't surprise by now that the Internet is serving as significant influence for health information.

"We are seeing the Baby Boomers use the Internet to take a much more activist role in almost every aspect of their lives," said Pollster John Zogby. "We have had a dramatic increase in their participation in online polling, for instance, and they tell us that the Internet is playing an important role in getting the latest information about everything from health care to politics to travel, leisure, money management, and just about every other subject."
For savvy health care marketers, there is and will continue to be a ripe opportunity to engage and develop relationships with Seniors who may be managing a chronic condition or somewhere in the decision cycle for some form of health care.

From prostate cancer to menopause to knee replacement to high cholesterol there is an opportunity to provide the right message at the right time. An integrated approach that focuses on interactive, engaging content and the online channel is a great place to start to begin to reach these folks.
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