Ask Questions + Do No Harm

Here is a recent article about the American Medical Association calling for limits on DTC advertising.

There are a few interesting excerpts:

A moratorium should be placed on ads for newly approved drugs until doctors are educated and regulators have signed off on the messages, the medical association, said yesterday at a House subcommittee hearing on drug advertising. Representative Bart Stupak said Congress should consider new restrictions on ads.
And this:

"Congress needs to decide whether the US should continue to be one of two countries in the world that allow DTC ads, and if we continue to allow such advertising, whether any further limits to DTC ads should be required," said Stupak, a Michigan Democrat and head of the Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on oversight and investigations. "It appears that we need to enforce significant restrictions on DTC ads."
Hmm, okay. I do think there may need to be tighter control and more emphasis on disclaimer information, but a full restriction or a moratorium until all doctor's are educated? Right. I am not holding my breath.

This does beg the question as to why doctor's are pushing for more regulation when NO ONE forces them to prescribe ANY drug to ANY patient.

The good news from an interactive perspective is that the Internet obviously lends itself to being able to use longer form vehicles and and engage consumers in conversation AND also display disclaimer information appropriately.

Here is a quick rant from Rush Limbaugh referencing the issue and Rep. Bart Stupak. I am no ditto head, but he may have a point.

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