Your True North

In your life if you can’t do the right thing, do you do it? If doing the right thing was always the hardest thing, would you change your approach? Would you take a stand rather than do something that doesn’t seem right?

Why is developing a marketing campaign different?

Often, an outside in versus an inside out approach is needed. With increasing fragmentation and difficulty of getting your message in front of the right customer at the right time it becomes necessary at some point when iteration and evolution stagnates when it may help to ask yourself or your organization What is your True North? A back to basics and authentic approach, simple blocking and tackling to use football terminology is often what is needed to get back on track.
According to the Marketing Leadership Council there are usually two things that can contribute to a stall in growth:
  • Premium position positivity: When firms don't react to new low-cost competitors or shifts in consumer preferences
  • Innovation management breakdown: inefficiencies lead to an imbalance towards incremental or next-generation investments.

Which leads me back to following your True North. It's critical from a personal and professional perspective.

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