Yahoo's Still Spreading Peanut Butter

Microsoft's seemingly relentless pursuit of Yahoo has been interesting to watch from afar over the last few months. Yahoo's latest move to strike a search partnership with Google is very interesting and pretty shrewd, if not potentially Faustian in nature.

It reminded me off a leaked Yahoo memo from a few years ago that stuck in my memory because the issues outlined could be applied to many businesses. The author, A Sr. V.P. at Yahoo outlined issues such as the lack of a cohesive vision and strategy and spreading a thin layer of investment across many areas, like you would spread peanut butter on a sandwich.

His proposal could also apply to many businesses who often lose their way. It's about leadership, having a vision, creating and narrowing the focus, breaking down silo's, ensuring accountability and being purposeful and decisive in your actions. That is a winning strategy....whether you're a mom and pop store or a large organization...


It looks like Yahoo's is content to parry with MSFT. They have implemented a few strategic maneuvers to extract the highest possible price. Now if they would have acted as decisively and quickly earlier they may have not been in this position.

Does anyone remember the late 90s and early 2000s when Yahoo was then what Google is now?
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