Calgon Take Me Away: The Interactive Version

The snappy jingle of the Calgon bubble bath to "Take me Away" was a simple message for much simpler times and it still sticks in my marketing muscle memory. There has been quite a bit of news recently regarding the shifting marketing focus in the Pharma industry. Television has proved help build a brand and awareness very quickly, but does that translate to actual prescriptions? The ROI is simply difficult if not impossible to prove. In a competitive marketplace, asking and getting 10+M to launch a new drug through television is a risky proposition. There has been movement towards a more integrated direct-to-consumer (DTC) and CRM (retention and win back strategies) approach for a few years. The rise of the Internet as an accepted marketing channel and a top destination for health information has seen an increasing amount of marketing dollars go towards online marketing activities. It is highly targeted and measurable, which are two things I want to have as I go ask for a multi-million dollar marketing budget.

Consumer packaged goods companies, as mentioned here, have been leading the way and organizations such as Johnson & Johnson who have very strong CPG brands continue to deliver compelling, interactive brand experiences.

I see this integrated approach with smaller scale, more interactive Web sites becoming increasingly tangible as media fragmentation continues. Engaging customers with interactive elements such as social networking, video, widgets and and give them the information they are looking for very quickly is critical. The days of the 500 page brand Web site are soon going to be long gone unless you're a large vertical site such as a WebMD or RevolutionHealth.

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