The 3Cs + 2 = A Good Web Site

When the consumer Internet was becoming available in the mid-90s online marketers talked about the keys to garner traffic on a Web site and the 3 Cs content, community and commerce. That is still true, but social media adds a level of complexity to fulfilling these and adds in a few new C's:

Customize: Widgets, gadgets, etc adds a level of customization that for many corporate Web sites is simply difficult to manage. As an online marketer in a company how can you address this? Simply, you can demonstrate some level customization and user interactivity by giving the user control. Let them see the product, segment and deliver specific information that they indicate they want, deliver tailored email campaigns that recognizes them by and gives them offers specifically tailored to their needs. This is intuitively simple to understand, but perhaps a little more difficult to execute.

Conversation: Recognize that your customers are talking about you. Good, bad or indifferent they are talking about you and their experience with you. You only have to create a simple, no cost Google alert to get a feel for this. In the health care realm, understand that when dealing chronic diseases and health conditions there is a lot of community and conversation. Listen, understand and use that insight as input for loyalty programs, product development or targeting customers as key opinion leaders to help you get closer to all of your customers.

For health care organizations, If you able to get around the legal and regulatory hurdles a blog represents it can help you get feedback directly and use that as free research and focus groups for your organization.
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